Creating Ads For Adwords

This Guide Covers Best Practices for Creating Ads for Adwords.  It is part of our PPC training on Adwords.  Be sure to watch and read the full series at

Here is the Video to Help you Out.

Making Adwords Happy

Each ad you write needs to satisfy Adwords Quality.

To do this you should write highly relevant Ads around each keyword.

This is Why I generally break down each keyword into it’s own ad group as covered in the previous guides.

Making the Searcher Happy

Your ad needs to relate to the person doing the search.

The user intent should be matched to the correct ad copy.

Asking Questions, Identifying the problem, creating emotions, having a good call to action are all things that will help your ad stand out.


Let’s say a person searches for Cosmetic Dentistry.

You ad copy may look similar to

Denver Dentistry

Denver Family Dentistry

All Ages. Call & Set Up An Appt!


Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry.

All Ages. Call & Set Up An Appt!


In this case the ad below better matches the users intent.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry.

All Ages. Call & Set Up An Appt!


We have a clear call to action and we are satisfying both the Adwords Machine and the users intent.

To get the best quality score possible we want to make both Adwords the machine happy and the end user happy.

This is done by closely aligning the search intent with an ad that has the best possibility of being clicked.

What this will do is give you a better starting QS and help you get a higher click through rate.

This in turn will help to lower you CPC further as you outperform other ads.

Breakdown of Ads on Adwords

Each ad consists of 4 Elements

  • Headline – Max 25 Characters
  • Description 1 – Max 35 Characters
  • Description 2 – Max 35 Characters
  • display URL – Max 35 Characters

A final URL is now added to ads but this is not shown in the adcopy. A Final URL is simply the landing page the user will land on after clicking on the ad copy.


A headline is meant to grab the users Attention

Use the same keyword search phrase and Ask a Question, state a benefit, use geo targeting, state yourself as the leading company, create an emotion

For the Search Emergency Dental

  • Need Emergency Dental?
  • Same Day Emergency Dental
  • Denver Emergency Dental
  • Expert Emergency Dental
  • Are You in Pain Now?

We capitalize the first letter of each word to stand out more.  You are not able to capitalize the whole headline as this is against the Adwords Terms of Service.

For the last headline we wrote “Are You in Pain Now?” it does not contain our search related keyword however it does create an emotion and resonates with what the person is searching for.  If they need emergency dental work it’s safe to assume they are in some pain.

Description 1

A description is meant to describe the problem and offer the solution.

Use the same keyword search phrase and outline the problem or the solution.

Place a period,! Or ? Mark at the end of Des 1. When showing in the first 2 ad positions this will move Description 1 into the Title Row

Need Emergency Dental? – Same Day Emergency Dental.

Description 2

Description 1 or 2 can be used for your call to action.

In some cases Description 1 may be better for a call to action as it can show in the Title space of an ad.


Need Emergency Dental? – Same Day Emergency Dental.

All Ages. Call & Set Up An Appt!


Need Emergency Dental? – Call & Set Up An Appt! (Here we are using the Call to Action as Description 1.  It looks good in the title)

Same Day Emergency Dental.


The Important part is having that call to action in the ad copy. You can not say Click Here but you can state the next step you want the visitor to take.

Display URL

This is another chance to show your relevancy to the person doing the search.

Must contain the domain the user will land on


Most text afterwards is fair game.


This does NOT have to be the page the user lands on and in fact does not have to even be a page on your site. You set the final destination URL in Adwords which is a hidden URL. I will often use this extra space to same something like /coupon /special-discount and the like.  If you go this route I suggest you actually offer a coupon or special.

Split Testing

Every Ad group should have 2 ads you are split testing against.

You are testing for Conversion Rate (CR) and click Through Rate (CTR).

Don’t stop testing ads until you are happy with the results. Rotate evenly till you find a clear winner.  At the end of the day it’s about ROI and making money.  I would keep an ad if it had a higher CR but a lower CTR.

Getting Ideas for Writing Your Ad Copy

Go through competitor ads and see what you like about their ad copy.  If you are a service based industry be sure and look in other high competitive cities.

Always keep testing different angles even if that means removing the keyword from the title or description.

Search online for ideas on writing headlines.  There are plenty of books out there on writing headlines.

Read up on marketing on sites like


If this video and guide helps you out please do me a favor.  Like and share this page with others.


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