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My name is Jacob Erdei

As someone who has ran multiple small business over the years I know just how hard it can be to get going and how hard it is to build up your client base.

In some ways I was lucky because I have a tech background so many things surrounding digital marketing came rather easy to me so I was able to build up digital sales channels and funnels that helped to lead qualified customers to my door step.

From working with many small businesses I realized there is a severe knowledge gap and lack of support for those who want to do their own digital marketing including on page SEO, off page SEO, Adwords, Facebook, Bing and the like.

Even if you don’t do your own online marketing most are kept in the dark in what their agencies are doing. SEO companies for instance are often very secretive in what they are doing can most people like us are confused as to what exactly is going on.

Our Live Weekly hangouts combined with our private Facebook group and youtube channel allow business owners to come together to ask questions and get answer surrounding their marketing efforts online and to get expert advice on ways to move forward.

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If you have any digital marketing questions you can ask them live on our next hangout.  If you have a show idea then shoot us comment on Facebook or tweet at us.

adwords messaging extensionsHangout #22  Message Extensions – How to Boost Your Small Business Leads

We live in a mobile first world.  While most retail sales still take place on Desktops inside the U.S., most leads are now coming from mobile devices. With AdWords Message Extensions you are now capable of receiving and replying to text messages from potential prospects. This can be used to provide a quote, schedule an appointment or get more information about your company.

local-seo-blog2Hangout #21  Local SEO for Small Businesses

I’ve talked a ton about paid marketing over the past several months.  The other day we had a message in the private Facebook group asking about SEO so I thought I’d put together a hangout covering some of the current best practices in the industry.


social-media-small-businessHangout #20   Pitfalls of Online Marketing and Over Coming Failures

As a small business owner you have to put out fires all the time.  Sadly marketing tends to take a back seat for many companies.  This is 1 reason why there are so many marketing consultants out there. A good consultant is able to help you prioritize your marketing efforts by taking the time to understand your needs and your customer needs. This week we still have a written guide but most of the meet is going to be inside the video hangout.

facebook custom audience selection and targetingHangout #19  Facebook Targeting and Audience Selection

The absolute best thing about Facebook marketing is how laser targeted you can get with your advertising.  It’s the only platform out there that allows you to really focus in on the demographics and interests people have.  I use Facebook all the time to create customer avatars even if I don’t end up advertising that business on Facebook because it’s just that powerful.


facebook-ad-examplesHangout #18 The Perfect Facebook Ad Copy and Image

Getting a solid Click Through Rate (CTR) on your image can be challenging but in today’s episode we will cover some tips for selecting the perfect image for your audience as well as tips covering ad copy and how to write the best ad for your target audience on facebook.


facebook lead generation and salesHangout #17 Generating Lead and Sales From Facebook For Small Businesses

You can’t really come up with a game plan on Facebook without first understanding what options you have.  In this weeks hangouts we will dive into the Facebook Ad Objectives and discover how best we can use each of these options to produce sales funnels for your small business.  If you have never advertised on Facebook or you did advertise and got your shirt handed to you then this is a great hangout to watch.


how to setup Facebook trackingHangout #16 How to Setup Facebook Tracking

Facebook marketing like all forms of digital marketing is a waste of money unless you are able to track and test what is working and what is not working.  Stop wasting your money and learn how to setup tracking in Facebook so you can work towards a profitable ROI .


bing ads walkthrough and Adwords comparisionHangout #15 Bing Ads Walk Through – Comparing to AdWords

Bing ads is probably my favorite search marketing platform.  It does not have the same volume as Adwords but Bing ads does command 31% of the market share in search for the U.S.  I’ll generally always have a lower CPC and a better CR so it’s well worth the time to setup campaigns.  In this weeks hangout I will cover some of the main differences between Bing ads and AdWords and then do a quick walk through on Bing ads for all of those who have never used the platform before.


call tracking adwords websiteHangout #14 AdWords Call Tracking On Website and Call Conversion Setup

Call Tracking is a great way for service based companies to discover what keywords are leading to sales and what keywords are bleeding you dry.  Many already use it for call only ads and call extensions which is great.  We cover both of these topics in this hangout.  However almost all are not using it on their website to track calls with a Google forwarding number.  There is little documentation on setting this up correctly so in today hangout we decided to cover exactly how to set this up and go over a few of your options.


small business trackingHangout #13 Tracking Leads / Sales for Small Businesses

Tracking leads and sales for small businesses can seem next to impossible at times.  Over the last 2 years things have really started to change.  Sure eCommerce companies could always track sales because they generally happen online and through your website.  However with the service based industry it was always really hard to nail down what is working and what is not working.  In this weeks hangout I go over 4 ways to help you track your digital marketing online.


everything I know about keywordsHangout #12 Everything I know About Keywords

In this hangout I cover several things around keywords including match bid types, grouping, landing page segmentation, specific ad copy for each keyword as well as some information on starting bids and optimization.


AdWords Ad ExtensionsHangout #11 AdWords Ad Extensions For The Win

Ad Extensions give you a chance to really stand out and provide more in-depth information to the searcher about your company and products.  Using Ad Extensions can really drive your CTR through the roof which really helps tell Google how relevant you are and this in turn boosts your QS (Quality Score).  This is also a great way to send people to the precise product page for an item they are looking for.  It’s truly something all businesses need to be taking full advantage of.


website101-blogHangout #10 Lower Your CPC Following These Simple Methods

Getting a lower CPC is not a pipe dream.  Your focus should be on boosting CTR and your quality score and from there you will be rewarded with a lower CPC and more impression shares.  This is one of the main goals you need to have when running on AdWords besides just focusing on conversions.  I go in-depth on a number of ways to make this happen.


AdWords campaign setup SearchHangout #9 AdWords PPC Search Campaign Setup

Today during our live hangout we are covering how to setup an AdWords Search Campaign to have the best chance for success.  There are many default settings inside AdWords which are not always best and personally I dislike some of them strongly.  These small changes can ad up to huge savings and help kick start your AdWords campaign.


small business online advertisingHangout #8 Small Business Marketing – Your first Paid Ads

We first take a quick review of the needed must haves for your website in order to convert your paid traffic.  From there we take a look at the advantages of using paid search ads verse social media like Facebook.

Join us live every Wednesday at 2PM CST to ask your digital marketing questions.

website101-blogHangout #7 Small Business Digital Marketing 101 – Your First Steps Online

I get questions all the time about how to get started online and where to get started online by those who are just starting up their business.

This is perhaps one of the most common questions asked out there and I find lots of great advice from sites all over the web.


seoHangout #6 Small Business On Page SEO Strategy

Today I’m going to get a little more technical and talk about on page SEO as it relates to small businesses and important factors to have on your page.



seo marketing and small businessHangout #5 A Brief Intro to SEO and What Your SEO Company Does

The goal of this article is not so much to educate you the small business owner on SEO but more to fill you in on what good SEO companies do when you hire them.

Tactics change all the time in the SEO world and you have plenty of both white hat SEO companies as well as black hat SEO companies out there.


remarketing-twHangout #4 Remarketing 101 – The Basics on How it Works and How to Get Started

remarketing also known as retargeting is simply marketing to a set audience group of people that performed a desired action.

The might be people who have landed on your website, people who added an item to a checkout cart but never checked out, people who visit only a certain page on your website or a combination of factors.

tw-emailHangout #3 Should I build an E-mail List for my Small business

Every business is unique. I hear all the time that there are no exceptions to this rule but living in the real world I will tell you that is just not the case.

There are clear clients of mine that are really small and honestly ran by men who won’t ever take the time to build the kind of relationship needed to make e-mail work for their business. This is more true in the service based industry.

tw-content-stratHangout #2 Developing a Content Strategy For Your Small Business

A Content Strategy is something so many small businesses don’t think of and if you do then it’s really easy to let things slip through the cracks and not stay on top of posting.

By developing a set of criteria and pre-planning your posts you will be able to keep your website and social media channels fresh and relevant.


social-media-small-businessHangout #1 Is Social Media Right For My Business?

According to a Forbes Article – More than 60% of businesses have reported no ROI despite an increase in time and money getting a social media strategy going.  Learn why and how social media can benefit your business.











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