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MarketingPlayBook.co is a free resource for digital marketers with paid subscription options to get expert help in your marketing en-devours.

Jacob and David are the founders of MPB.  The site was started out of the great need for information and how to guides for digital marketing.  With hourly consulting prices being in the $300+ dollar range it left most smaller companies out to fend for themselves.

Instead of saying no to people who could not afford training, David and Jacob started writing how to guides for people to help those who where not ready to commit to high consulting prices.

The end result is this website.  After creating several guides we needed a place to store all the information so people can easily find what they need and learn on their own time.   MPB has quickly become one of the top resources for many small businesses to learn what they are doing wrong and more importantly how to do digital marketing correctly.

Founders:  David Ford and Jacob Erdei

Jacob Erdei:  Jacob has been doing digital marketing for 10+ years and specializes in PPC for AdWords search, display as well as BingAds.  With experience across many different platforms and over 10+ million in ad spending on thousands of different campaigns spanning hundreds of different industries, his insights and advice will help you turn around your negative ROI campaigns and make them profitable.

Jacob has been doing consulting and training for over 7 years with a wide range of small and mid size companies.  His ability to take complex tasks and break them down into easy to digest guides makes him a valuable contributor for MPB.

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