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In today’s hangout we are going to focus on creating a targeted group for your Facebook Ad.

In most cases I first create my targeting groups before I even create my image ad or ad copy so I can better match the interest and demographic group I want to target.

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Audience Insights

A great place to start is to use the Audience Insights tool On Facebook.  This allows you to build your own custom audience to target.

You can find this at https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights/

When first starting out I recommend you select Everyone on Facebook

facebook audience

From this selection you can start to build a New audience and play around with different features to see who might be right for your target Audience.

You have the ability to select

  • Location
  • Ages and gender
  • Interests
  • connections
  • Pages
  • Advanced – This gives you very specific information such as language, relationship Status, Education, etc…

For a Full listing of your targeting Options I recommend you checkout the info graph that Wordstream produced at http://www.wordstream.com/images/facebook-ad-targeting-options-infographic-wordstream-large.jpg

As we have a strong focus on service based companies so we will start by putting in a specific city that we want to target and look over the data presented.

In this case let’s look over some of the differences between Saint Paul MN and White Bear Lake MN which is a suburb of Saint Paul.

We can see the differences summed up below (Watch Video for more details)

Saint Paul:

  • 52% Women / 48% Male.  Biggest demographic is age 25-34 at 28%. Next highest is 18-24 at 23%
  • Relationship: 37% Single.  This is 18% above the Facebook Norm. 40% are married
  • Education: 64% have college degrees or went to college
  • Home ownership is at 74%
  • Income has 37% of people making between 50k-75k
  • 52% spend regularly with a credit card
  • 29% are single house holds with 22% having 2 people in the house hold.

White Bear Lake:

  • 56% Women / 44% Male. Biggest demographic is 25-34 at 20% but others are really close.  The lowest is 18-24 which is at 12%
  • Relationship: 25% Single and 45% married
  • 64% college educated
  • Home Ownership is at 87%
  • 28% make more then 50K a year.  What is really interesting is only 14% make less then that.
  • 90% spend regularly with a credit card
  • 20% are single household sizes while 25% have 2 people in the home.

It’s interesting to run these numbers in college towns and in retirement communities to really see how accurate this kind of information is.

What do you do with this Data?

You can get really creative and use this data in many different ways.  For starters if you service both St Paul and White Bear Lake you may be able to first start marketing in the smaller test city to see what works before expanding out into other cities.

You can go through and create the perfect customer avatar and see which city demographics best match who your potential customer is.  If you sell baby items for instance then you would most likely want to target parents with young kids.  You may also want to ad in some layering such as those who have more discretionary spending as well as an interest in the products and services you are promoting.

You can see what the largest audience is that fits in with your marketing and really go to town writing ad copy and selecting images that closely match these exact individuals.  Knowing that you are targeting lets say females who are married who have an income of 50K+ with a college degree and 2+ kids can really make you focus in on what this specific audience wants to know about your product or service and how best it can help them.

You can use this information to perform off line marketing as well.  Knowing what areas have the right demographics that match your potential customer can be a big win.

Creating Your Audience based on Interests

You can see from all this that we can start to get a good understanding of people in our targeted area.  Based upon this information we can use it creatively in many different ways

Now let’s look at creating an audience based upon the data that we gathered.

We will go with the Kitchen Remodeling company like we did the previous week.

Nailing Down the Customer Avatar

For this we will start with an interest in our specific service and see who kind of demographics are interested in our remodeling service.

Under the interest Tab we have placed in several related interests

  • bathroom remodeling
  • Remodelaholic
  • Remodeling My Home

From this interest we already start to see a clear picture of who we should probably be targeting.

In the demographics section we see that 92% of those who are interested are Women.  Of that 30% of those are between the ages of 35-44. 74% of them are married and 64% have a college education.  Nurses, Legal, Healthcare and medical seem to have a higher interest in remodeling.

You could potentially write ad copy targeting female nurses with bathroom remodeling.  Because of the high interest by females you will for certain be targeting females over males in your ad copy.  At least to start.  Because 74% of those are married you are most likely going to target married women.

Going through the page likes we can see a variety of interests based pages that we could potentially target.  “Sawdust Girl” looks to be a DIY page so if you sold tools for remodels or supplies then this page would be great to target.

We can see from the page likes that “remodelaholic” people are 77.2X more likely to like posts around remodels.

If I was a national provider of remodeling services I can see certain cities have a really high interest vs other Facebook users.  Places like Idaho Falls ID are 500% more likely to belong to the interest groups I’m targeting.

Looking at the activity tab I can see that only 3% of this audience use only Desktops and that 37% use only Mobile.  This means I better ensure I have a mobile friendly website and that I include mobile ads in the Facebook feed.

29% of this interest group make between 50-75K and 82% are home owners.  This clearly tells me I need to target only home owners for my kitchen remodeling services which is very logical.  It just shows how accurate this kind of data can be.

39% have homes valued between 100K – 200K and 35% have homes values at 200K to 500K.  This combined means 74% of your audience has homes between 100K and 500K.  While you might not use this for targeting you can use this information for when you write your content.

66% use credit cards regularly which is 25% higher then the average Facebook user. Because of the large cost of remodels this may not play as big a factor for your specific business but it’s a good indicator of being able to spend money online so for many eCommerce stores it’s a great indicator.

Our customer Avatar so far looks like this

  • Female
  • Home Owner
  • Married
  • Not on Desktop Only

Other attributes to note

  • College Experienced
  • Job titles around: Nurses, Legal, Healthcare and medical
  • We have a number of people who are interested in specific pages around remodeling.

Finalizing Your Audience

Above all else we need a decent size audience list.  If you target with an Interest as well as age, gender, home ownership and everything else we identified you may not have anyone to target in your specific city that you service.  If you are a national company then you most likely will have a big enough audience that is really laser targeted.

If you are national then by all means layer in everything you can and really focus in on your target audience.

If you are local and service a select area then you are often times best just targeting the many people who would be interested in your services.  This could be based upon just an interest with maybe gender layering or just demographic layering with just age, gender, home ownership and relationship status.









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