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In Adwords you have several location options.

This is a vital part to your campaigns being successful

There are many times I see small businesses advertising all around the world when they only serve 1 country.  What is worse is I see small businesses who only server one city but they are advertising world wide and just bleeding their budgets.

The worst part of this is most don’t even know they are doing it.  They THINK they are only advertising in there general location but they are wrong.

By default in the United states you will see “United States and Canada” dialog box checked.

Under the “Advanced Search”  link you have additional options such as “Radius Targeting, Location groups and the option to do Bulk Locations.

Radius Targeting:  Radius targeting works by you entering in coordinates, a place or an address.  For instance if we entered in the address of a fictional dental clinic in Denver CO we could target all residents within a 1 mile radius of that location.

This is important information to know because if the average dental client is only in a 5 mile range than you know you can focus on just that specific range of your business.  You can also target just specific zip codes as well  which can be very beneficial.

Location Groups:  This little known feature allows you to do some demo targeting.  From my testing it is still very lacking and you may not get the search volume you are looking for.  With that said, Adwords is getting better all the time at gathering Demogrpahic information about it’s users so this should only get better with time.

An Example of groups you can currently target are, airport locations and universities,.  You can also choose such things as demographics and target the top 10% of household income earners all the way down to the lower 50% of income earners.

Limiting your targeting on search in this manner will severely limit your search campaigns.

Bulk Locations: Bulk locations simply allow you to upload up to 1000 locations at a time.  This options works very well if you have known zipcodes you want to target all within a specific country.

Adwords Search Campaign – Setup Basics

Location Options Advanced

locations options advanced

This part of Adwords kind of pisses me off to be honest.  By default the option “People in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location” is checked.  They also buy a (Recommended)  remark next to this defaulted radius button.

This is very misleading and it’s why so many smaller businesses waste so much cash on adspend.

Basically my fictional dental clinic in Denver would be spending money all over the world potentially if a person did a search for 1 of the keywords I was bidding on.  As my dental clinic only serves Denver Colorado I don’t want to be advertising all over the world.  I just want people in my city seeing the ad.

To make this happen you need to check the radius option for “People in my targeted location”.  Now only those in Denver or the location I set above will see my ad.  I don’t have to worry about people outside my service area seeing how my ad.


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