FaceBook 20% Text Rule is No More

With Facebook the most important element is the image ad.  I know adcopy is still important but that is dwarfed by what a good product image ad can do for your campaign. Once you have that perfect looking image we all like to place information on top of the image. ...

AdWords Display Columns

One common mistake I see over and over when viewing clients Campaigns for the first time through the advertisers account is the lack of modified columns. I’m a button pusher by nature.  If it’s red and not marked, I’m going to push the button and see...

New Adwords Changes For 2016

A lot of the information in this article was taken from a live hangout called “Ads and Analytics For a Mobile First World”.  This was a live session put on by AdWords that was jam packed with lot’s of solid information on the up coming changes to the...

AdWords Display Optimization

Today we are going to talk about Adwords Optimization for Display traffic.  GDN (Google Display Network) has the widest display reach out of any network around.  When you have it working for you pushing leads and sales you can do some big daily and monthly numbers. ...

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