Ad Extensions can play a vital role in maximizing your CTR and more importantly your ROI.  There are several Ad extensions you should be using in every Adwords search campaign.

In this video we give you an overview before diving into each ad extension in more detail

In Adwords you have several options for Ad Extensions

  • App Extensions
  • Site link Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Review Extensions

As you combine each extension onto your ad, it becomes bigger and bigger and takes up more space.  This gives your potential customer more of a chance to find you and gives you a great chance to relate to the customer.

Site Link Extensions

Sitelink Extensions extend you ad by adding 4 alternative top level links that may be relevant to the person doing the search.

For an ad targeting Car Paint I can ad site extensions expanding my product line.

touchup1In the above image you see 2 site links with descriptions under both of those links.  It’s possible to have up to 4 site link extensions showing.  Adwords will not always show the description in the ad copy when they show the site links but when they do it really extends the ad copy.

Sitelinks can really help when broad bidding on keywords because you have a chance of sending a visitor to a more focused page.  Someone searches for “Car Paint”.  Are the looking for spray paint, pain pens, can’s of paint?  You can place you lead products or categories as site links to help the user land on the correct page for their intention.

Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions are not clickable and you need to have at least 3 callouts to make them active in your ad copy.  These should focus on benefits that your company offers.


In the above image we see from searching “Denver Dental” a dental practice using call outs.  Implant Specialists can be a benefit but not really for someone searching such a generic term.  If I was searching for Implants then yes it would be.  I like No Hidden Charges but at the same time it puts a negative into my head and that is never good.  Your Comfort is Our Goal is not a benefit really.  Again this is putting a negative in my head.  Are you saying people are normally not comfortable with you?  If it’s a goal then perhaps you don’t hit it all the time.


From the same search I saw this callout from the ad underneath the first callout.  It appeals to more people on a broader level and does not put any negative thoughts into my head.  All three are considered benefits.  This is in my opinion a better set of callouts to use.

Call Extensions

Call Extensions add your phone number to the ad copy and when a user is on a smart phone it shows a nice call button promoting users to click the button and call you direct.  This is a great option for those of you who want to drive qualified phone leads to your business.

For mobile traffic I recommend doing Call Only campaigns but the call extension is very valuable and can be tracked when using a Google phone number to route the call to you.

Location Extensions

Location Extensions allow people to easily view where you are located.  Having a local address in your ad can go a long way to getting that click.  It’s also very handy as a person on a mobile phone can click the link and drive right on over to your business.  In order to as a Location Extension you first need to have a Google My Business account which you should already have if you service a local market.  If not just open up and verify a new account for free.

If you have more then 1 location you can specify in the setting which store location to use.

Review Extensions

Review extensions can help build trust for your business and showcase how well you are doing.  When someone clicks on a review extension link you do not pay for the click.  This is really nice as the review you linked to might have your direct contact information on the site.

You can not use customer reviews and the review has to be online.  It should talk more about your company as a whole rather then a specific product or service.  You need to have 2 reviews listed before they can be shown in your ad copy and the review needs to be over a year old.  The submitted reviews all go through a manual review process that is stringent.  Don’t be surprised if in the first go around the review gets turned down as they have multiple stipulations.


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