Adwords PPC Search Training Course

Welcome to the AdWords PPC Search Course. My name is Jacob Erdei and in this course I will be covering from start to finish how to build out a successful PPC search campaign.

In this video series we are going to be covering all the ins and outs of AdWords Search.  I’ll walk you through every setting there is and try to explain everything I know.

If You Have Never Used AdWords Search Before then these training videos will be over whelming to start.

Don’t Worry.  They are videos and you can re-watch them time and again.  I promise you that after you go through the process a few times you will get a solid grasp on what it is you need to do.

I Break Each Video into it’s own segment so you can easily jump back in and quickly repeat any section you need guidance on.

Just Ensure you do NOT skip any of the videos.  Every Video We do has vital information in it.

If you are an industry vet I’m sure you will still get a few golden nuggets out of watching the videos or at least reading the written guides that go along with each AdWords search video.

I’ve been asked to review numerous courses over the years and I can tell you right now that this course is worth far more then most courses you would be paying $300 dollar plus for.  If you like the video then do me a personal favor and share our site with a few friends or recommend our course on Facebook.

Let’s Get started!!!!!!!

What is AdWords Search?

Feel Free Just To Watch the Quick Video

AdWords search is simply ads that show when someone does a specific search.

For Instance, If I was bidding on the keyword “Denver Dentists”  for my dental practice and my bid was above other peoples bid for that keyword,  My ad would show. Multiple ads can show at the same time in the search results for

There are many search partners out there as well and if “Search Partners” are selected then your ads would also show for that keyword on search partner websites.

This is an over simplification of the process but We don’t want to make this more confusing for you.

I will be sticking with the dental niche and choosing Denver as the city location simply because I have no current dental clients and no clients who are currently located in Denver so I won’t be stepping on any toes or outing any client campaigns.

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