One common mistake I see over and over when viewing clients Campaigns for the first time through the advertisers account is the lack of modified columns.

I’m a button pusher by nature.  If it’s red and not marked, I’m going to push the button and see what happens.  This has landed me in trouble more then 1 time but those are different stories.  The one I want to talk about today is AdWords Columns and some of the great data you can uncover from modifying your columns.

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Here is the the Companion Video that goes with the guide.

What Are Columns?

GDN Columns

columns show a wide range of data.  With columns you are able to view your campaign spend, click trough rates, conversions, cost per conversion and 100+ other metrics.

Why Modify The Default Columns?

By Default AdWords takes a minimalist view point and does not show you all the data available.  There are hundreds of data points that can be shown and AdWords does not attempt to customize your view on your behalf currently….

By modifying the columns view you can add in the metrics that matter most to you.  With these metrics added in, you should be able to help optimize your GDN campaigns and get the most bang for your advertising dollars.

What Columns Are Must Haves?

Every advertiser is different in what columns are most important to them.  You will have some preferences that I might care less about.  Generally there are some that I tend to have to use inside most campaigns and they are

Relative CTR
Conversion Rate
All Conversion Value
Total cost
Display Impression Share
Cost / Conversion

Cross-device conv. – This one is starting to matter more and more as well as View-through conversions.

Here are most of the available columns that can be used on GDN

Attributes- Campaign Level Only
Campaign type
Campaign subtype
Campaign ID
Bid strategy type
Bid strategy
Avg. CPC
Avg. CPM
Avg. Pos.
Total cost
Invalid clicks
Invalid click rate
Engagement rate
Avg. CPE
View rate
Avg. CPV
Avg. cost
Interaction rate
Invalid interactions
Invalid interaction rate
Video played to:
25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Converted clicks
Cost / converted click
Click conversion rate
All conv.
View-through conv.
Cost / all conv.
All conv. rate
All conv. value
All conv. value / cost
Value / all conv.
All conv. value / click
Cross-device conv.
Cost / conv.
Conv. rate
Total conv. value
Conv. value / cost
Conv. value / click
Value / converted click
Value / conv.
Phone call conv.
Click assisted conv.
Impr. assisted conv.
Click assisted conv. value
Impr. assisted conv. value
Click-assisted conv. / last click conv.
Impr. assisted conv. / last click conv.
Conversions (current model)
Conv. value (current model)
Conv. rate (current model)
Cost / conv. (current model)
Conv. value / cost (current model)
Conv. value / click (current model)
Value / conv. (current model)
Social Metrics-
Earned impressions
Earned social actions
Call details-
Phone impressions
Phone calls
Phone cost
Avg. CPP
Competitive metrics-
Search Impr. share
Search Exact match IS
Search Lost IS (rank)
Search Lost IS (budget)
Display Impr. share
Display Lost IS (rank)
Display Lost IS (budget)
Relative CTR
Performance (Active View)-
Active View viewable impr.
Active View viewable CTR
Active View avg. CPM
Active View viewable impr. / measurable impr.
Active View measurable impressions
Active View measurable cost
Active View measurable impr. / impr

Google Analytics-
Bounce rate
Pages / session
Avg. session duration (seconds)
% new sessions

Reach Metrics-
Unique cookies
Avg. impr. freq. per cookie
Unique viewers (cookies)
Avg. view freq. per cookie
Change history-
All changes
Budget changes
Bid changes
Keyword changes
Status changes
Targeting changes
Ad changes
Network changes

Gmail Metrics-
Gmail saves
Gmail forwards
Gmail clicks to website
YouTube Earned actions-
Earned views
Earned subscribers
Earned playlist additions
Earned likes
Earned shares

Custom columns-



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